My philosophical world

My name is Aron and I've been around since 93. I reside in queens NY and I am a college student. I love alot of things as you will see on my tumblr. I have been dealt with my fair share of hardships and hoping to get through them. I do have Crohns disease but, im not going to let that deter me from my goals. This thing depicts my life perfectly well enjoy!

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Finally after ages I’ve found the original gif XD

Our way is the old way.

I was not motivated by compassion. I have no compassion. Make sure you got that. Not motivated by compassion.

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He literally fell off the face of the planet.

based on this post

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Remember when Breaking Bad ended their season with a slow zoom into a potted plant and it was simultaneously the most revelatory and upsetting thing that’s ever happened?

#remember when breaking bad ended with hank taking a dump

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It’s not like our options are vast these days. And you’re not the only one that’s lonely.

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When u fuck and then she say I love you


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